08/01/2022 Watchlist Chart

08/01/2022 Watchlist Chart   Monday Watchlist – August 1st On Friday, $SPY ran up to test the 413-414 resistance zone but then rejected and closed below. Expect weakness if it cannot hold above that zone, and strength above. We are personally anticipating a profit-taking period before any further runs and holding that SPXS position mentionedContinue reading “08/01/2022 Watchlist Chart”

07/28/2022 Watchlist Chart

07/28/2022 Watchlist Chart   Thursday Watchlist – July 28th After we’ve mentioned that bearish divergence was thinning and that GOOGL would help push up the markets, SPY managed to open up above that 390-393 zone and run all the way to the daily 1.618 level (402.8) and reject. With this run-up, a widening of theContinue reading “07/28/2022 Watchlist Chart”

07/26/2022 Watchlist Chart

07/26/2022 Watchlist Chart   Tuesday Watchlist – July 26th On Monday, $SPY was rejected right at the 0.618 level (at 397.3) and well right back to test the 390-393 zone. Some decline after hours due to Walmart’s warnings on profit outlook. Algos and net premiums remain bearish, with more direction to come from earnings releasesContinue reading “07/26/2022 Watchlist Chart”

07/21/2022 Watchlist Chart

07/21/2022 Watchlist Chart   Thursday Watchlist – July 21st On Wednesday, $SPY managed to successfully defend the 390-393 support zone. Interestingly enough, algos still seem to show some bearish divergence with net premiums down, last -$142.12M. Futures are currently down -0.10% after hours.     $META Levels Above 182: 184, 190, 194 (100DMA), 200, 207Continue reading “07/21/2022 Watchlist Chart”

07/19/2022 Watchlist Chart

07/19/2022 Watchlist Chart   Tuesday Watchlist – July 19th On Monday, $SPY ran up to test that key 390 zones as expected but was quickly rejected, collapsing back to test the 380-383 support zone. Net premiums are on the decline, last -$103.83M, so market participants may be expecting a breakdown, securing profits after that 390Continue reading “07/19/2022 Watchlist Chart”

07/14/2022 Watchlist Chart

07/14/2022 Watchlist Chart   Watchlist for 07/14/2022   On Wednesday, $SPY fell short of reclaiming the 386-387 range, successfully defended the 374-373 support, rejected the 380-383 range, and continues to look bearish under that as We’ve mentioned. An additional level we will be looking at tomorrow will be 378.3 (0.382 level and where trend-line resistanceContinue reading “07/14/2022 Watchlist Chart”

07/13/2022 Watchlist Chart

07/13/2022 Watchlist Chart   Wednesday Watchlist – July 13th   On Tuesday, $SPY tested that double top (386-387 range We mentioned the day before) and rejected, continuing the bleed-off to test that 380-383 support range. If SPY can’t hold above this zone, the old 374-373 support zone remains below. All eyes are on June coreContinue reading “07/13/2022 Watchlist Chart”

07/05/2022 Watchlist Chart

07/05/2022 Watchlist Chart   Watchlist for Tuesday, 07/05/2022   On Friday, $SPY had a solid 373-374 support test and hold, to begin the 380-383 resistance test. If it can break and hold that range, look for a test of 385.4 (0.382 level), and 390-393 above that. Before the close, We mentioned that SPY puts wereContinue reading “07/05/2022 Watchlist Chart”

06/29/2022 Watchlist Chart

06/29/2022 Watchlist Chart   Watchlist for Wednesday, 06/29/2022   On Tuesday, $SPY failed to hold above the 390 resistance and broke below the 383 support as well as the daily trend-line support. 378.83 is the gap below that has yet to be filled from last week. Again, the flow remains bearish. Futures are currently upContinue reading “06/29/2022 Watchlist Chart”