Technical Analysis Expert

Jae Seo – @Yeetus

Type of trader: Swing Trader (Options)

Hey RSA fam – this is Jae, my background is in Fine Arts and sales. Been passively trading since 2017 and found an opportunity to go full time. My success is your success so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions! My goal was to create a community of traders that help each other. I enjoy playing video games, racing cars, and cooking food on my off time.

Seasoned Bag Holder


Daniel Wang – @Crypto Big Bro

Type of trader: Value Investor, Long Investor

Hey everyone, Daniel here. I am a serial entrepreneur with businesses in the digital space, and I joined the team to lay down sustainable infrastructure and facilitate the growth of Rocket Stock Alerts. My educational background is in biotech and pharmaceuticals, so I lean heavily towards investing long term in what I believe are promising bio/biotech companies. My role here is mainly behind the scenes, so that’s why you’ll often see me pop in and out of seemingly nowhere. Always happy to help with technical issues!