7/29/2021 Watchlist Charts

7/29/2021 Watchlist Charts


7/29 Thursday Watchlist


$AMD – Nice beat for earnings on AMD. It is looking like it wants 100+. Over 98, we can be set up to see that. Be on the lookout for some immediate profit taking in the morning. If there is no immediate profit taking, it will most likely have a green day.




$CRWD – Inside day candle on the daily chart. Looking like it wants to break out soon. Over 265, CRWD can be set up to see 270+. Must hold at least 260 for support to continue.




$SNOW – Nice rounding bottom formed. Looking ready to break out very soon. Over 272, SNOW can see 283, 296. Look for a strong break out. If the breakout is weak at 272, it will most likely fall. Needs to hold at least 263 for support.




$DKNG – Had a decent trendline resistance break out today. Reporting earnings on 8/6, which is just around the corner. Looking for a last minute earnings run. DKNG is set up to see 53+.



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