7/21/2021 Watchlist Charts

7/21/2021 Watchlist Charts


7/21 Wednesday Watchlist


$DOCU – Solid break over resistance at 294. Now over 300. Currently at all time highs. Over 303, we can be set up to see 308+. Must hold above 302.



$LMND – Falling wedge broken, and looking like it wants more. Over 87, LMND can be set up to see 90+. Must hold above 86.

$LUV – Has been on a downtrend since June. Finally had a nice green day. Earnings around the corner on 7/22. Look for volume and strength in pre-market. Over 52, LUV can see 54+. Must hold above 51.



$UMC – Ex-dividend date is tomorrow, 7/21. Dividends to be paid out 8/20. Stocks with on ex-dividend dates tend to have a lot of buying so that investors/traders can lock in their dividend payment. Be on the lookout for some unusual volume tomorrow.




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