7/06/2021 Watchlist Charts

7/06/2021 Watchlist Charts


7/6 Tuesday Watchlist

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. Tech stocks are looking fantastic for this upcoming week.


$AMZN – Amazon is approaching a previous key level of resistance around 3525. Had a very solid trading day last Friday, with a nice gap up. AMZN is looking primed to set some new all time highs, if it breaks 3525 with strong momentum and volume. If AMZN can break 3525, it can be set up to see 3554, 3600 next. Must hold 3498-3500 as support.




$GOOGL – Google closed at 2505.15 last Friday, breaking all time highs. If GOOGL can hold above 2500 as support, it can move towards 2524, 2534, 2548 next. Keep this one on your radar.




$CRWD – Bullish pennant formed on CRWD. CRWD needs to close above 260 and maintain it to be set up to test the next key levels at 263, 269, and 275. Below 247, CRWD will change direction and will be bearish.




$MSFT – Microsoft also seeing some all time highs! MSFT has been on a crazy bullish run, continuing to set new highs after breaking previous all time highs at 263. MSFT should be should be set up to test 281, 284, 289+ if it can hold above 278-280 as support.





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