6/30/2021 Watchlist Charts

6/30/2021 Watchlist Charts


6/30 Wednesday Watchlist


$NVDA – As we near the split date, we are seeing crazy growth with NVDA. This is similar to how TSLA/AAPL behaved as they approached their stock split dates. Stock split date of NVDA is on 7/20. We may see it continue to run the day after the split, just as TSLA/AAPL did. If NVDA holds above 800, we can potentially see a run towards 825 by end of week. Make sure to keep this one on your radar for the entire month of July.




$BIDU – Over 208, BIDU is looking like it is being set up to see 214 as the next level of resistance. Needs to hold support over 203. Looking like overall trend is ready to reverse from a downtrend. EMAs are converging and we are seeing some buyer confidence. Look out for some volume and price action.




$HOL – Nice continuation of a breakout today, after a small breakout yesterday from a wedge. Over 13.7, HOL can bet set up to see 14-16. Must hold 13 as support. HOL has some decent upside to it, as previous all time highs were at 22.47. It is done filling the gap and should be prepped to go even higher soon. Be on the lookout for strength in volume.




$HD – Coming off of an ABC correction wave after a massive run to all time highs at 345.69, HD looks like it wants to start a new impulse wave pattern. Over 320, HD can be set up to see 329+. Needs to hold 315 as support. We may see some new all time highs created soon, so keep this one on your radar for the month of July.




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