6/29/2021 Watchlist Charts

6/29/2021 Watchlist Charts


6/29 Tuesday Watchlist


$RBLX – Continuation from previous mention on last week’s watchlist. Over 93, RBLX can see 97, 100+. MACD is looking like it is ready to crossover on the daily chart. Must hold 91+ as support. Today’s volume was above the typical average volume, which signifies further strength heading into tomorrow. Be on the lookout for additional volume and strength in premarket and at open.



$NIO – Strong day for NIO today. Needs to break 50 for further continuation. Over 50, NIO can be set up to see 52, 55. Must hold 48 as support. Look for volume and continuation.



$FB – Looking like it is setting up for 370+ if it goes past 359. Needs to hold 355 as support for further continuation. Watch for volume!



$SPCE – Cooling off after a nice gap up last Friday. Over 58, SPCE can be set up to see 63+. Must hold 53 as support. Keep an eye out on volume and price action.




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