6/25/2021 Watchlist Charts

6/25/2021 Watchlist Charts


6/25 Friday Watchlist


$TWTR – Gap filled! Over 69, TWTR can be set up to see 70, 72 if it can defend 68. Watch for volume tomorrow.



$VIPS – Huge amount of call options coming in today. Over 20, VIPS can be set up to see 21, 23+. Needs to hold 19+. Watch for volume.




$GOTU – Falling wedge formed and looking like it is ready to breakout. Watch for an increase in volume and price action to confirm. Over 16, GOTU can be set up to see 18, 20, 23. Must hold 15+ as support.




$CHWY – Above 82, CHWY can be set up to see 84, 88. EMAs are converging and overall looking pretty decent. Must hold 80 as support.




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