6/22/2021 Watchlist Charts

6/22/2021 Watchlist Charts


6/22 Tuesday Watchlist


$ROKU – Solid 3 green days in a row. We will likely see a 4th if the momentum continues. Over 387, we can see 390-403+. Must hold above 381 as support. Keep an eye out on volume and price action.



$WISH – Tons of buying today. Recent breakout from a wedge. Over 15 with volume, WISH can see 17, 19, 21+. Be on the lookout for further continuation. Must hold 12+ as support.



$FUBO – Briefly broke out of resistance/bull pennant pattern around 31.6 today. FUBO can see 35+ with additional volume. Must defend 30+ as support.



$AAPL – Bullish engulfing candle on the daily chart heading into tomorrow. Bullish engulfing candles usually signifies a trend reversal and further continuation. Watching AAPL for a break of 132.5, then 133 for further confirmation. Must hold 132 as support.



$DIS – Disney also with a bullish engulfing candle on the daily chart heading into tomorrow. DIS has been cooking for a breakout for a while now and when it finally breaks out of its downtrend, it should have a decent move. Watching for a break above 175 for further continuation. Needs to hold above 173.



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