6/18/2021 Watchlist Charts

6/18/2021 Watchlist Charts


6/18 Friday Watchlist


$AMZN – Strong green day. It looks like it is setting up for 3554+, which would be all time highs. Watch for a break above 3500. for further continuation.



$AMC – Nice solid day today, bounced right off of the 9 day EMA and closed above 60. If it can continue to stay above 60, we can see a move towards 70+.



$MSFT – Broke out of the gap that it needed to fill and set up to see 263, 266 next. Saw some unusual volume for 265c, 6/25 expiration. Almost 21K in volume today. Needs to hold 260+.



$SPY – Tons of calls coming in for SPY. More buying than selling. Looking like a slight dip on an uptrend past 3 days. Holding the 21 day EMA as support. It has potential to recover tomorrow and be set up to see 423, 425+. Must hold above 420.



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