6/15/2021 Watchlist Charts

6/15/2021 Watchlist Charts


6/15 Tuesday Watchlist


$SHOP – Big green day for Shopify! Shopify participated in a funding event at Stripe (which will IPO later this year or early next year) in which bidders including mutual fund company Capital Group, venture capital firm Sequoia Capital — and Shopify, too — bought about $1 billion worth of Stripe shares prior to its IPO. If SHOP can pass 1322, it can run towards 1362, 1384, 1400+ next.



$AAPL – Nice big green day for Apple! Over 131, AAPL can see 133, 135, 137. Must hold support at 129. Below 129, we can see downside to 127, 125, 123. We are eyeing 130c 6/25 expiration or longer.



$DIS – Primed for a breakout soon. Disney looks like it is ready to breakout on from a downtrend on the daily chart. Over 180, we can see a move to 183, 186, 190. Must continue to hold above 178 for possible continuation.



$CRSR – Corsair rockets up 30% in early trading today, as Wall Street Bets finds its latest meme stock. Saw some unusual buying activity on 40c 6/30 expiration. If CRSR can maintain above 36 as support, we can be set up to see 38, 40, 42, 45 again.



$MSFT – Gap nearly filled on the uptrend! Over 260, we can likely see MSFT move to 263, 266. Needs to maintain above 258. Watch for a break of this gap above 260!




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