6/09/2021 Watchlist Charts

6/09/2021 Watchlist Charts


6/9 Wednesday Watchlist


$CLOV – Had a very nice gap up today. I don’t think CLOV is finished with the bullish run quite yet. If CLOV can defend above 22, it can be set up to see 24, 27+.



$NET – Decent green day for NET. If NET can hold 88, it should be set up to see 92, 96 next.



$ROOT – Seeing a nice breakout from a falling wedge. If ROOT can hold 11, it should be set up to see 13, 14, 15+ next. Seeing tons of volume coming in for 7/16 12.5 and 15 calls.



$DGLY – Recovering from a recent bearish trend. Formed support around 1.6 and holding. Closed over 2 today. DGLY can see 3+ if this volume and price action continues. Saw tons of volume for the 6/18 2.5 calls.



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