6/08/2021 Watchlist Charts

6/08/2021 Watchlist Charts


6/8 Tuesday Watchlist


$CCIV – Nice breakout from a falling wedge. CCIV can see 28, 32 next if it holds 26. Support around 25. On watch for additional bullish moves over 27.



$DOCU – Seeing some additional movement after an earnings beat. Over 245, DOCU can see 253, 263. Must hold 240 as support. On watch for further continuation.




$BIIB – Biogen Inc. shares surged after its controversial Alzheimer’s disease therapy was approved by U.S. regulators, a landmark decision that stands to dramatically change treatment for the debilitating brain condition. The biggest daily candle we have seen in a while. Biopharma plays like to sell of the day after big news like this, so if there isn’t enough volume and price action, expect a big sell off.




$SKLZ – SKLZ seeing some decent movement today. Needs to break resistance at 23. Over 23, we can see 24.6, 27.5+. Seeing some unusual options buying for June 11th, 24 strike calls. Over 35K in volume today.



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