6/03/2021 Watchlist Charts

6/03/2021 Watchlist Charts


6/3 Thursday Watchlist


$AMC – Crazy movement today. We may see further continuation tomorrow. AMC can potentially see to see 80-90+ if there is further strength based on fibonacci levels.



$RBLX – At all time highs right now. With volume and momentum, we can see a move to 102+. June 25th 130c had some unusual volume today, so be on the lookout. Must hold 97+ as support.



$AHT – Seeing a very nice uptrend as of lately. AHT can see 7-9+ if this uptrend continues and holds 6+ levels.



$TM – Toyota has been seeing a nice uptrend as well. TM can see 180+ if this uptrend continues. Must hold 175+.





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