5/20/2021 Watchlist Charts

5/20/2021 Watchlist Charts


5/20 Thursday Watchlist


$NVDA – Decent day today for NVDA. We can see 574, 579, 585 if NVDA can hold support at 561.



$DKNG – Huge drop from recent highs around 74. DKNG is starting to build some support around 41. Above 44, it can see 47, 50, 52. Under 41, we can see further downside to 39, 37. Saw some unusual volume for May 28th 45c contracts, with 7.7K in volume today.



$TGT – Solid green day for TGT! Closed with a 6.09% gain from open. This is due to an amazing earnings report this morning before open. Earnings per share: $3.69 adjusted vs. $2.25, expected. Revenue: $24.20 billion vs. $21.81 billion, expected. Over 220, it can be set up to see 221 and 226. Must hold 217 as support.



$HYRE – HyreCar is a company that allows you to rent a car for use with Uber, Lyft, Postmates, DoorDash, Instacart, and more. Vehicle owners can list their cars for rent as well. You can also buy cars at HyreCar. A nice part of the ecosystem for ridesharing. Currently at all time highs. June 18th 20c contracts had 6.6K in volume today. Above 17.5, it can be set up to see 18, 24.



$FCX – Recently broke down out of a bullish channel. Options traders capitalized on this and bought some longer term puts. Check out the July 16th 36p with over 13.4K in volume. FCX needs to break 39 and we will see further downside to 37, 36, 34.




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