5/13/2021 Watchlist Charts

5/13/2021 Watchlist Charts


5/13 Thursday Watchlist


$DIS – Disney’s Q2 2021 earnings set to be reported tomorrow after hours, are expected to reflect setbacks it suffered from the continued closure of its theme parks and cruise ships, as well as the postponement of movie releases due to the coronavirus outbreak. DIS needs to hold 177 for a support bounce play. Otherwise, it has further room to fall to 175, 172. With earnings expected to be grim, we may see it fall even more. Above 180, we can see 183, 186, 190.



$ABNB – The coronavirus outbreak also severely impacted Airbnb’s business and is expected to have hurt the company’s top-line growth for Q1 earnings, to be reported after hours tomorrow. Broken through every available support since the beginning of May and has even more downside. If ABNB can’t hold 138, it can see 137, 135, 130, 125. Above 141, it can see 145, 149.



$BLNK – Blink Charging Co acquired Blue Corner N.V. in a cash and stock deal valued at approximately $24 million. Earnings being reported tomorrow after hours. Needs to hold support at 28.5. If it can’t hold support, we can see further downside to 26, 24, 18. Above 30, we can see 31, 35, 39.




$VIPS – Looking like it has finished an ABC correction from a 5 impulse wave pattern. Interestingly enough, options traders think that the ABC correction is at an end and over 23K in volume was traded for 30c 5/21. Must hold above 25 for support and break 26 for a move to 27, 29+. Under 25, it can see further downside to 24.




$PLBY – Earnings beat by $0.01 EPS and Revenue of $42.68M (+34.3% Y/Y) beat by $4.2M. That being said lots of volume in puts came in today. PLBY 35p 6/18 had over 4K in volume traded today. Trendline support is around 39.83 and regular support around 41.5. If it breaks regular support, we can see further downside to 39, 36, 33, 31. Over 42, we can see 44, 46, 49.




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