5/04/2021 Watchlist Charts

5/04/2021 Watchlist Charts


5/4 Tuesday Watchlist


$LOW – Charts are looking very similar to HD before it broke out. Had a small breakout today from a falling wedge. over 201, LOW can be set up to see 205, 209.




$IQ – Currently at a level where it has been building support, after free-falling from peak highs at 28.97. Closed today at 15.06. Unusual bullish call buying detected for 18c 5/21. Over 21674 contracts traded today. These are relatively cheap even at the money for 15.5c 5/21.




$PRPO – Precipio Soars on Launch of COVID-19 Antibody Test on Amazon. This is huge news, which sent it flying and got close to testing the 52 week high of 8. PRPO closed at 6.70 after-hours. Could potentially see a breakout above the 52 week high. Just be weary that bio-pharma plays often sell off immediately after news. Need to see open above 5 and see volume with price action.




$CAR – Reported earnings today after-hours. EPS beat by 78.49% and Revenue beat by 10.13% from expected. It has rocketed since January (3x). May very well run tomorrow on the earnings beat with the COVID recovery taking shape. CAR needs to defend 86 for further continuation to 90+ again.




$BA – BA is also currently at a level where it has been building support around 231. BA has been coiling up and the trading ranges have been getting tighter and tighter. Anticipating a breakout, options traders have been buying the 237.5 (14295 in volume) & 240c (19225 in volume) 5/7 expiration calls. Looking for BA to hold 231 and break 237+ for further continuation into 244, 255.



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