4/23/2021 Watchlist Charts

4/23/2021 Watchlist Charts


4/23 Friday Watchlist

Hope you guys survived today’s flash crash. This was due to investors reacting to reports that the Biden administration was weighing new tax increases on wealthy investors to fund its spending plans. At times like this, it is always a good reminder or even a reality check that stop losses whether mental, trailing, or a hard limit, should be utilized to protect your capital. One of the most important aspects of being consistently profitable is protecting yourself from the downside and managing your exposure/risk to the market.


$AMT – unusual bullish call buying for 255c with 4/40 expiration. 3747 in volume today. Only about a week left for expiration, so if you decide to pick this up as well, make sure to take profits quickly.


$V – Attempting to breakout of all time highs. If it breaks and maintains above 228.23 level, we can see a larger breakout. Next levels, we can Watching for a breakout. Looking at around 231 and then 233+.


$T – AT&T Q1 earnings beats analysts’ expectations! 0.86 ADJ vs 0.78 EST. Tons of volume for 31.5c 4/23 expiration. 118168 in volume. This is a 1 day expiration so be careful. Must be a scalp, which means in and out depending on how well T does tomorrow. On watch for continuation.


$TWTR – Earnings on 4/29 and options traders have a bearish stance. Unusual bearish put buying for 62.5p 5/7 expiration. Over 12587 in volume today.


$OCGN – Nice pop today based on good news from trials. They received positive data for their COVID-19 vaccine. Based on these results, Roth Capital Analyst Zegbeh Jallah said Ocugen could soon apply for an emergency use authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Good long term investment.

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