12/29/2020 Watchlist Charts

Bloody day for most folks. It sucks, but sell-off on certain sectors didn’t make sense. SPY hit all time highs and in our opinion, money was shifted to all the big tech stocks (FAANG and more). Money being shifted into other sectors is a real thing!

Watchlist 12/29

$GIX – SPAC that is to be merged with UpHealth. Options became available on this recently. It will be an integrated global platform serving four of the fastest growing digital health markets: Integrated Care Management, Global Telehealth, Digital Pharmacy, and Tech-enabled Behavioral Health. This SPAC is still relatively cheap as it debuted at $10. We will look to build a starter position.

$OSTK – Alerted by @?MoMoney (Moderator)? but will put on watchlist in case anyone hasn’t seen it. Started a small position ourselves.

$AMCI – Another SPAC to keep an eye out for. These guys make next gen EV batteries.

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