12/28/2020 Watchlist Charts

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We are bracing for the last week of trading and as a reminder, it will be another short week.

Stimulus has been approved and we should see a green week. Should be an overall bullish market.

Watchlist 12/18

$NET – Retraced from hitting all time highs, but it is picking right back up. Can see new all time highs with strength. Long term PT 100+. Short term 85-87+.

$AAPL – Nearing some all time highs. Rumors of EV pushing it. It can see 135+ and break previous ATH, then 141+ if the strength continues.

$MSFT – Holding trend support line nicely and bouncing right back off! Also a part of SPY just like AAPL. Can see a move to 225+ if strength continues.

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