12/17/2020 Watchlist Charts

12/17 Watchlist

Decent day today!

Lots of recovery from past couple days. Stimulus talks are progressing forward and the market is reacting nicely. SPY hit some new all time highs and is ready to blast off more in my opinion, once the stimulus is released to the public. I am confident stimulus will be released to be public. It’s a matter of when they’re going to. Many Americans are in need and our government needs to step it up and they know it. They’re just playing politics.

$MARA/RIOT – BTC (Bitcoin) has hit a new all time high at over 22K! This is insane! Last time it was in this price range was back in 2017. Taken 3 years to get back to it. MARA and RIOT are both cryptocurrency mining companies are reacting very very nicely off of this bullish run. Several of us were discussing during trading hours and already started positions today. Be on the lookout for the gap up tomorrow for both MARA/RIOT.

$NFLX – holding .5 fibonacci levels nicely. If this continues, it should be set up to move into 531, 549 price targets short term. Earnings are coming up 1/19/2021, so perhaps an earnings run.

$ROKU – HBO Max is launching on ROKU devices this week. News released after hours. If this strength continues, we can see 350+. It could potentially be a case of buy the hype and sell the news. However, it’s good to pick up on the dips in my opinion. 6 months ago, ROKU was around 110-135 range. It has tripled its value since then. Keep that in mind when investing.

$PTON – Chart is set up nicely to hit some all time highs. Lot’s of strength, today and looking to continue. To be added to Nasdaq 100 prior to market open Dec. 21.

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