12/15/2021 Watchlist Chart

12/15/2021 Watchlist Chart


Watchlist for 12/15/2021


$AMD – The stock traded up 1.35% during market hours but was flat after hours. On the daily timeframe, AMD is currently within a falling wedge and is being held up by the 50DMA (133.25) as a support. AMD was showing relative strength as it managed to close fairly green despite most of tech closing red. If the market does decide to bounce and move higher, AMD will rebound hard from the daily set up. Keep an eye on 137 (HOD on Tuesday) or back test 133, as it can test 140 to 142 (14DMA) resistance. Above 142, it can test 145 to 149. We will consider puts if AMD fails to hold above 133, as it can pullback down to 130 to 125 level support.

Contract Suggestion:
Above 137 or B/T 133: 138C 12/17 or 140C 12/23
Below 133: 130P 12/17


$FB – The stock fell 0.22% during market hours but was up 0.04% after hours. On the daily timeframe, 326 continues to act as a strong support as it has bounced there multiple times this past week but continues to show tones of rejection near 335. One thing to note is that there’s a death cross forming on the daily (where the 50DMA crosses below the 200DMA) which is a bearish reversal indicator. Despite the death cross, FB continues to show relative strength when the market dipped and closed a strong bullish candle on Tuesday. Keep an eye on 335 or back test 333, as it can test 340 to 342. Above 342, can test 346 (100DMA) to 348. We will consider puts if FB fails to hold above 333, as it can pullback down to 326 (strong support) to 320.

Contract Suggestion:
Above 335 or B/T 333 level: 340C 12/17
Below 333 level: 330P 12/17


$GS – The stock traded up 1.09% during market hours and was up 0.33% after hours. Banks were showing relative strength heading into FOMC with possible talks on interest hikes coming soon in part due to inflation fears. On the daily timeframe, GS was showing relative strength most of the day but quickly sold off at the bell. Possible that someone knows something heading into FOMC on those interest rates talks. GS showed a quick rejection near 392 but failed to close above the previous candles high. Treat GS as a day trade till it can clear the 50DMA (397.59) for confirmation of upside. Keep an eye on 393 or back test 386, as it can test 397 (50DMA) to 400. Above 400, it can test 405 to 410. We will consider puts if GS fails to hold above the 386, as it can pullback down to 385 to 382.

Contract Suggestion:
Above 393 or B/T 386: 400C 12/17
Below 386: 385P 12/17


$AFRM – The stock fell 3.81% during market hours and was down 1.66% after hours. AFRM fell after hours when news was released that over 50% of its users were missing payments in key income groups. “buy now and never pay” On the daily timeframe, AFRM formed a higher low which is a bullish sign for a potential reversal and possible break out of the daily downtrend. Keep an eye on 106 or back test 101, as AFRM with volume can test 113 (100DMA) to 118 resistance. Above 118, it can test 127 to 132. We will consider puts if AFRM fails to hold above 101, as it can pull down to 96 (possible double bottom here if it holds) to 90 (200dMA).

Contract Suggestion:
Above 106 or B/T 101: 108C 12/17 or 150C 02/18/22
Below 101: 100P 12/17


$ZS – The stock fell 7.84% during market hours and was down 0.18% after hours. On the daily timeframe, ZS gapped down more than expected as the overall market gapped down and ZS received a downgrade from Stephen Bersey at Daiwa Capital to underperform. ZS managed to close a weak bearish candle but was rejected at the 100DMA (288.09) as buyers stepped in to buy the dip around 274. There’s a nice gap to be filled if from 291 to 304. Keep an eye on 288, if ZS can break above with volume, it can test 291 to 300. Above 300, it can test 304 to 306. We will consider puts if ZS fails to hold above 281, as it can test down to 274 to 265.

Contract Suggestion:
Above 288: 290C 12/17 or 300C 12/17
Below 281: 270P 12/17



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