12/14/2020 Watchlist Charts

12/14 Watchlist

$FDX– Vaccine shipments are starting to be delivered to the US and FedEx/UPS will have a great helping hand in getting them distributed. FedEx in particular has earnings coming up on Thursday after market close, so keetp a close eye out on the price action. It is currently on a bullish run, cooling off a little after hitting some all time highs. Currently in a channel and looking at buying at the bottom of this channel. Ideally looking for a bounce off of the 50 day moving average and back to 293+, then 317+.

$DBX – mentioned in #?trading-chat? on Friday. Nice breakout from a falling wedge (bullish indicator). Currently holding a position right now. Rumors of DBX being acquired has made the price move up. 5x more call options activity on DBX. Call options are relatively cheap on this, but be careful of the “buy the rumor and sell the news” sentiment. Looking at 28+ price target.

$PFE – Vaccines start distributing next week. Watching closely to see a bullish movement.

$NKE – Earnings coming up 12/18 after hours. Currently at the bottom of a bullish channel and if it holds and continues after this dip, I’m looking for 139+ short term and 147+ long term.

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