11/24/2020 Watchlist Charts

Watchlist 11/24 – Congrats to all those diamond members that played #?yeetus-alerts? today. Lot of good plays.

Today, we saw a surge in most if not all of EV/Clean energy stocks. We are looking for continuation. Thanks to Joe Biden.

$XPEV – what a beast. Breaking all time highs. 75+ inbound coming soon, if the run continues. If it doesn’t hold, expect a pull back to 67, 65, then 63.

$LI – Another great Chinese EV stock. Alerted a play in #?yeetus-alerts? that went ITM after hours.

$NIO – Another great Chinese EV stock. Great long term here as well. Ideally, we’d like to see the same price action as XPEV.

SOLO – Another great Chinese EV stock. Recently hit ATH’s and cooled off but it looks like it is picking back up.

BLNK – EV charging stations.

PLUG – EV charging stations.

Backburners – RIDE, WKHS, TSLA

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