11/23/2020 Watchlist Charts


Watchlist 11/23 – reminder, this week will be short due to Thanksgiving!

$NFLX – COVID cases are rising and we will probably see an uptick in NFLX, as more people are signing up for their service during stay-at-home orders.

$PIXY – COVID play. Restaurants are seeing an increase in shutdown for in-person dining again down due to COVID. Their app serves as an all-in-one workforce management platform for operators (aka, business owners) that rely on contingent employees. But it’s also a dynamic employment resource for shifters (aka, part-time workers) who want the freedom to make their own schedule. They have clients like Dominos, Taco Bell, Wing Stop already. Could be the next big thing.

$AMD – Interesting that AMD has been consolidating for the past 3 months. I think a breakout is coming soon. It should test all time highs soon. I am still a firm believer this stock will hit 100 by end of year.

$GOOG – Google is pushing to break all time highs. Watch for dips for entry.

$WDAY – <@!674818130182144032> mentioned that a ton of analysts upgraded WDAY price targets. Although WDAY had great earnings, it had negative guidance and tanked. It is a fantastic software for Human Capital Management, and I remain bullish on it for the long term.

$ZM -another COVID play. This stock is pretty predictable. Any time there is news about COVID vaccines, this stock tanks. Any time there are cases rising, it goes up. Nice gap up potential. Targeting 450+ soon.


REGN – FDA emergency use authorization issued/approved. Watch for a run!

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