11/19/2020 Watchlist Charts

Some COVID/lockdown stocks popped today. Let’s keep an eye out.

Hey guys – I’d like to share this to all those interested in good safe trade.

Big consolations.

Longer periods, stock is powering up for a big move up.

$TWLO – bounced right off of 200 day moving average and has been coiling up. Looking for a breakout soon.

$FCEL – huge movement today. I’m going to look for continuation. A bit of resistance around 5.50, but if it can break that, 6 is coming soon.

$TSLA – wow! The S&P 500 inclusion news made it like the old days again. I forsee 500 coming soon. December/January expirations for Tesla call options.

$ZM – at 419 currently. Coiled up and broke out. Look for continuation as the cases keep getting worse and worse every day.

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