03/08/2021 Watchlist Charts

03/08 Watchlist


$WKEY – Announced on Friday that it has integrated its WISeToken utility token, a blockchain-based asset, to be used by drones and robots to secure IoT interactions (drone-to-drone or people-to-drone) and to recognize and trust each other, into the Oracle blockchain. Look for potential recovery soon.


$MARA/$RIOT – Bitcoin has been holding up relatively well, despite increasing bond yields. This sounds potential strength moving forward in the crypto space. Support, BTC hold up well (which means it’s either acting as a hedge against interest rates, or investors are caring less of rates)


$ANCN – Had a large run up after hours, watch for a continuation tomorrow for a potential day trade.


Also on watch: $EYES, $LOTZ, $PLTR, $TSLA, $NIO, $POWW, $WRAP, $BA, energy/oil sectors

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