03/03/2021 Watchlist Charts

03/03 Watchlist

$RKT – Ran up massively today (71%) on a squeeze to break all time highs. Market makers are adding more tickers/options contracts. This is uncharted territory, so there is a lot of potential here if this run continues.

$UWMC – Announced today that it’d been included in the preliminary list of iPO additions for the Russell 10000 and Russell 3000 indexes. This means that funds that track the indexes have to buy the stock now, so let’s see if there will be a continuation tomorrow.

$AI – Has been beat down towards IPO levels. Watch this for a potential rebound soon, especially if you’ve been waiting to add this to your long term portfolio.

$INSG – Company warned of lowering 4G demand and there was a big sell off. This may have been an overreaction, so look for potential recovery tomorrow.

Also watch: $SQ, $IRIX, $LYFT, $UBER, $GHSI

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