02/25/2021 Watchlist Charts

02/25 Watchlist

$AMC/$GME/$KOSS – The squeeze is back. We alerted AMC calls before the breakout, so will be watching how it moves in the morning. These can go right back to all time highs, or dump in an instant. So the game plan is to ride this wave up, trim profits early, and prepare for a bear play (puts or ideally selling calls further out).

$SOS – BTC is back above $50K and SOS is still beaten down despite recently announcing that they have 10,000 miners with 5,000 on the way. It’s been 65% shorted and is just waiting for a bounce back.

$NVDA – Beat earnings and jumped up near $600, before dropping back down to $567. RTX 3060 (graphics card) releases tomorrow. Watch for recovery.

Also on watch – $MARA, $CLVS, $SCKT, $PLUG, $WKHS, $SUNW, $TSLA, $BA

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