02/24/2021 Watchlist Charts

02/23/2021 Watchlist Charts

Reminder that red days and pullbacks are all part of the game. We survived. If you hedged yourself properly/reduced exposure to the market, you did well.

$OSK – Huge news of them winning the USPS contract was released today. Saw some great price action and even higher price action in after hours. New all time highs were made. When new all time highs are made, stocks typically like to run even harder before cooling off. Let’s watch closely.

$RHI – hit some new all time highs as well and outperformed the market today. Will continue to watch for further price action.

$TSLA – seeing a very nice recovery. 750+ should be coming soon based on technical analysis. If you got in on the dip, you are already doing fantastic.

$ETSY – Earnings coming up around the corner on Thursday after close. After the the market pull back, it is looking to recover. On watch for further continuation.

$BYND – Earnings are coming up for BYND as well, Thursday after close. Seeing a nice bounce after the pull back. Look for continuation.

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