02/22/2021 Watchlist Charts

Watchlist 2/22

$JMIA – Earnings right around the corner. Seems to be bouncing off from a decent support level around 53.

$SQ – With consistent rising of BTC, SQ is seeing some very fresh highs. Ready to test all time highs. If it breaks 283.19, watch for a very strong run.

$PLUG – Earnings around the corner and with it being beat down so much, We are expecting a nice recovery.

$MGNI – Seeing a nice Earnings run starting to happen. Watch for a hard run if it breaks 64.35.

$PLTR – Nice recovery as predicted. Great overnight swing. If PLTR can maintain above 30+ It can be set up to hit 40s again.

$CCIV – After the short attack on Friday, it was beat down and ended at $54.62. Bloomberg recently announced (front-page) that a DA (definitive agreement) could be announced as early as Tuesday. Look for a rally tomorrow.

$RIOT($MARA/$SOS/crypto stocks) – Bitcoin retraced back to late Friday levels and has been hovering around this $56K range. If it continues to show strength, watch for these to rally. RIOT breaking $75 could see $78/$82+.

$SUNW – I have been waiting for an entry for this, currently seeing a falling wedge. Expecting it to break ATH (all time highs) in the near future. Our price target is $40+.You do not have permission to send messages in this channel.

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