02/17/2021 Watchlist Charts

Watchlist 2/17

$FUTU – Morgan Stanley upgrades to overweight with a PT of 253. Nice run today. Will look for continuation tomorrow.

$SOS – Crazy run off of BTC movement… Will continue to watch for price action. I’m looking at a short term PT at 30+. Huge upside.

$EH – Short attack on them today by a research firm named Wolfpack Research. We’re looking to see if it will bounce back tomorrow or continue selling off. If anything, this stock is basically at a discount and most stocks end up coming back from a short attack like this.

$MSFT – Top bullish flow for options today. PT upgrade by WedBush to 300. Watching for new all time highs into next week.

$SCKT – Great movement today. 500%+. These tend to move again the next day. On watch for continuation.

$HEPA – Could potentially run like SCKT. Watching for price action.

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