02/01/2021 Watchlist Charts

2/1 Watchlist

We are personally tired of the meme stocks… things are going pretty crazy in the market due to them. Hopefully we return to somewhat a normal market soon.

$IPOF – After several days of a downtrend, it looks like IPOF is looking to uptrend again. One of these days, IPOF will have a target merger company sometime in the future so be on the lookout for that.

$IPOD – Similar situation with $IPOF, $IPOD will have a target merger company sometime in the future and it looks to be picking up!

$FUBO – FUBO has a pretty high interest rate and seeing millions of premium spent on some far out the money contracts. It his holding up support around 42 very well. A potential breakout may be set up for a push to 50+.

$AAPL – Holding trendline support relatively well. We could see a bullish move after a stellar earnings if it maintains this. I’m eyeing 135-140+ PT in the near term.

$SLV – Seeing a huge jump on silver futures. Alerted SLV on Thursday and it looks like it is continuing so far. On watch for further continuation. It will probably open around 28 tomorrow. It can see 29+ if there is more momentum.

Keep an eye out on $SPY / $UVXY / $VIX for possible hedge positions. We also have a juicy earnings week! Keep an eye out on the earnings week stocks!

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