01/29/2021 Watchlist Charts

1/29 Watchlist

What a wild ride today. Clear manipulation of the market by wall street/hedge funds. Futures are red after today’s intense battle between retail traders and hedge funds. Last time futures were red, regular non “meme” stocks fell while “meme” stocks all went up. We could potentially see a repeat of this, but it is not a guarantee. Always protect your capital and investments. Don’t let a winning trade turn into a losing one.

“Meme” stocks halted by RobinHood today due to volatility:



$NIO – Coming off a recent correction wave, it is ready to start making some new impulse waves for some new all time highs. With report of deliveries around the corner and new PT upgrades to $80, this should fly sometime soon. Keep an eye out for $XPEV & $LI as well.

$IPOE – Picking up some steam due to (in my opinon), people switching to SoFi from RobinHood. As we all know, IPOE is the SPAC SoFi is planning to merge with. Chamath’s recent interview on CNBC was also heroic, as he is for the people/retail traders. Sympathy runs include IPOF & IPOD. Look for continuation based on price action.

$NOK – 30 min chart. Break of the downtrend and we’re seeing some slow movement upwards. Tons of volume today traded, and big buys. We think she’s ready to move to 5+.

$AMC – Does this look similar to NOK? We think so. Every meme stock looks the same today. Drew some key levels it needs to break for it to continue.

$EXPR – same story.


$SLV – Seeing some very unusual options activity on $SLV. Continue to watch for price action tomorrow.

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