01/27/2021 Watchlist Charts

1/27 Watchlist

$GME – Saw some crazy movements today. Great scalps today on the livestream with @diamond-traders! On watch for continuation tomorrow.

$AMC – Getting some huge AH movement and we alerted them a week or two ago at 2’s. If you got in then, you are up greatly! Look for continuation on this one too.

$BBBY – Another highly shorted stock moving based on sympathy from the GME squeeze.

$TSLA – Earnings after hours tomorrow. Keep it on watch for a bullish movement to earnings.

$AAPL – We are sure Apple is going to crush their earnings. Keep on watch for a movement into earnings and after hours.

$FUBO – Doing some crazy things, almost back at 50! Keep an eye out for further moves.

$BB – Back over 20+. Look for continuation.

$WKHS – Moving based on Joe Biden’s initiative of replacing all government vehicles with EVs. USPS could possibly announce their contract winners soon and people are jumping in.

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