01/22/2021 Watchlist Charts

1/22 Watchlist

Looking like sector rotation is happening to big tech as earnings are all coming up for big tech.

$FUBO – Recently broke out of a downtrend. I think we see 40+ soon. If it can break and maintain 40.39+ it will see a push towards 50s again IMO.

$AMD – Earnings coming up on 1/26, seeing some nice price action. Watch for continuation tomorrow.

$MSFT – Looking like it is running based on earnings coming up on 1/26. If it can maintain these levels, we can see 227, then 230s.

$ADP – has been beat down but I think we get an earnings run soon. Earnings on 1/27.

$WDC – seeing a nice little run up for earnings. Look for continuation tomorrow.

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