01/19/2021 Watchlist Charts

Hope you all had a great 3 day weekend. Got some much needed rest ourselves and ready to hit the market this week.

Reminder – Inauguration day is 1/20 – We should prepare for the worst in case there is a pullback. Here is your warning. Remember, cash is a position as well.

$DGLY – swinging this into inauguration only, as this stock likes to peak on riots.

$ATVI – Looking like it is ready to break out again, first PT over the next week or so at 93+

$ATUS – Looks like it just finished a head and shoulders on the charts and bounced off critical support levels. PT for me is at 38.30+

$PLTR – We are seeing some significant call volume on PLTR. Highly overdue for a breakout. Going to see if it holds.

$CCIV – Going to watch this one closely as a lot of people are bullish on this one, as more and more circumstantial evidence keeps popping up on social media and is hinting at a confirmation of merger. But keep in mind if the merger is not confirmed and it does not happen, it will tank and go back below 15’s.

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