01/12/2021 Watchlist Charts

Watchlist 1/12

Great day of trading everyone! Let’s keep printing.

$APXT – AvePoint, the largest data management solutions provider for the Microsoft cloud. Today announced that they will participate in two upcoming investor events. Jefferies 2021 Software Bus Tour, January 14th & Northland SPAC Investor Conference, January 20th, 2021. IMO very bullish, looking to attract more investors.

$BLNK – It can retest all time highs if there is enough strength and shoot for new all time highs.

$CCIV – Rumor of Lucid Motors and Churchill Capital in talks over SPAC merger. On watch for continuation of a bull run tomorrow.

$EXPC – @Dr David (Analyst) mentioned that ARK Invest bought EXPC and We aew with @Dr David (Analyst) ‘s motto. Cathy Woods buys, it’s a great sign to load up.

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