01/04/2021 Watchlist Charts

Welcome to 2021. Hope everyone had a great New Years. Super excited to see where 2021 takes us.

Watchlist 1/4

$SPCE – We’re liking at these levels. Basically at the bottom here. Going to look at swinging it.

$SNOW – Nearing .236 fibonacci levels and if it breaks that, it could potentially head to 229.55 at the bottom. We are going to watch closely, as it could bounce from this level. If it fails to bounce, it will fall further. Looking to pick up calls at the bottom.

$SPY – Our analysis on SPY. We are in wave 3 of impulse waves and we could see a retracement for wave 4 soon.

$MARA/RIOT/EQOS – All BTC gap up plays. All of them on watch for us..

$FUBO – beat down, but ready to start picking up again IMO.

$FUBO – We really like FUBO at these levels. Ran up like crazy, pulled back like crazy. It has settled down and I think it is ready to start running again. Could dip all the way to 25.59 area, but it is looking to pick back up.

$TSLA – Potential to see 720+ is there.

$TSLA – Already at 700+, which many people doubted it would reach after inclusion in the S&P 500. They recently missed their vehicle delivery goal by a very negligible amount. 500K vehicles was their goal and they reported 499,550.

Who likes $NIO? @here $NIO day coming up and we are looking saucy. Well set up to see 57+ IMO

$NIO – NIO day is coming soon and we can see 57+ on this run if the strength continues.

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